Are you hoping to get a handle on your clutter in 2022? Clutter can be seriously demoralizing, and make you feel stuck or burned out. But getting a handle on clutter can feel daunting – or expensive. Fortunately, there are simple ways to organize your stuff with inexpensive items you can find at the thrift store. Use the ideas below to help inspire you to get organized this year!


Every thrift store has an entire section devoted to baskets. You never need to pay full price for a basket because you’ll always find a huge secondhand selection. Baskets are useful for organizing so many things. Use them for storing your pet’s stuff, displaying magazines in the living room, or stashing away bulk items you pick up at the store. They’re good for every room in the house and come in every shape, size, style, and color imaginable.


Trays, especially cute vintage varieties, are another thrift store find you can use to organize your clutter. They can be used for keeping all your makeup in one place or for collecting toiletries in the bathroom. Choose a style and material that coordinates well with your existing decorations, or opt for a bold statement piece to create a focal point in a room.


Bowls are another organization workhorse that are in full supply at any thrift store. Bowls are great for drop zones – use them to corral mail, keys, or sunglasses. You can use bowls inside junk drawers or on shelves to keep like items together.

Glass jars

Mason and other glass jars are another thrift store staple. Clear glass jars have an almost infinite number of uses. Use them for keeping small items together like screws, nails, or buttons. Or stash cotton swabs in them to display in your bathroom. They can also be used for bulk items in the kitchen like sugar, flour, granola, or oatmeal.

Soda or wine boxes

Before companies switched to cardboard or plastic, many sodas and wines were shipped in wooden boxes or crates. If you find these at a thrift store, then they’re a great thing to pick up as they can be used in so many ways. Use them to store spices, towels, or even paperwork. They’re usually very attractive and can be used as part of your decor.

Cake stands

Much like trays, cake stands are another kind of useful item that you’ll find at the thrift store. Cake stands are not only great for displaying desserts but they can also be used to make your clutter more attractive. Use them next to the stove to keep your oils, salt, and pepper. You can even use them as plant stands. Best of all, they free up the valuable countertop space underneath them.


Finally, tins are ubiquitous at thrift stores and are a home run in the organization department. You’ll find cookie, popcorn, and tea tins secondhand that can be used for office supplies and other small items. In a pinch, you can also use them as a vase for a bouquet of flowers!

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