We know that interior design styles come and go. But did you know that the way we organize our homes is also subject to the whims of our times? It’s true! While Marie Kondo has been inspiring people to determine what “sparks joy” for them, it is simply one organizing trend that will eventually be replaced by another. With that in mind, here are the organizing trends that have been popular in recent years but will soon be on their way out according to experts.

Wooden hangers

Wooden hangers have long been a favorite for those who want a little luxury in their lives. But wooden hangers are on their way out. While they look amazing in a closet, they take up significantly more space than other types of hangers. With space at a premium for so many people, wooden hangers aren’t a great choice. In addition, if you find you need more hangers down the road, it is difficult to find some that match exactly.

Sorting items by color

Have you seen those Instagram posts where people have sorted all their books by color? It certainly looks amazing. But it’s also extremely difficult to find what you’re looking for unless your books are only decorative. Not only that, but color palates are moving in softer, more muted directions. Look for the rainbow-sorting trend to fizzle out soon.

Closet cubbies

People have been using cubbies to corral their items in closets for quite some time. But this trend is also on its way out — especially when you’re organizing your shoes. Cubbies often only have room for one shoe — if the shoe fits at all. Instead, professional organizers are steering their clients to open shelves instead of cubbies. Shelves allow you to prominently display your shoes and also maximize your space.

Pot racks

Kitchen pot racks have been popular for some time, but they are also on their way out. Pot racks tend to make kitchens look cluttered. More and more kitchen designs these days are emphasizing clean lines and storing pots in cabinet rollouts or on shelves.

Open shelves in the kitchen

While we agree that open shelves can look wonderful in the kitchen, the reality is that few people can pull them off. In order to make open shelves work, you need to limit the amount of stuff on them. And let’s face it — if there’s any room in the house where we have lots of stuff, it’s the kitchen. Stick to closed cabinets instead.

Overly specific organizers

You already have so many things to buy. Do you really need to also buy organizing products for very specific items? The answer is no. This trend is on its way out and will be replaced with more universal products that can be used in a variety of ways. Simplicity is key here, and so is using items you may already have, such as plastic bins or even pretty shoeboxes.

One thing to remember, though, when talking about organizing trends on their way out — you can certainly keep them if you love them! If you adore the way your rainbow-colored bookshelf looks, then keep it! If wooden hangers make you swoon, then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Trends come and go, and you don’t need to follow them all.

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